Explore the Features a Survey Management Platform Should Have

Surveys are a highly successful means of gathering employee feedback, and the data is used to make critical business decisions. The practise of creating and maintaining business surveys for an organization’s employees with the goal of getting their opinions and input on a certain issue is referred to as survey management. Leadership, company facilities, employee benefits, corporate rules, and other subjects may be discussed. Because surveys are mainly anonymous, employees are able to speak freely about problems and subjects, and express their opinions without fear of being judged.

The goal of a survey management platform such as Digital HRMS, Pocket HRMS, or Beehive HRMS is to change the entire process of survey development and business, to shape the process, and to make it simple for employees to access and participate in the survey. In addition, once all of the participants have submitted their opinion, the survey management platform analyses the data and displays the needed analytics and insights for privy decision-making. This article looks at the top five features to look for in a great survey management platform.

1] Straightforward to Make

One of the most crucial features of a survey management system is that it should be simple to use and create. This is crucial because it contributes to the survey’s success and motivates workers to participate. The survey management system’s user interface should be simple to use and not overly complicated. This feature is available on most survey management platforms currently.

2] Takes Care of Confidentiality

Another important element of a survey management system is that it should be built to keep survey results private. To put it another way, it should be built with the capability of conducting surveys completely privately and without disclosing any information to anyone. When it comes to employee surveys, confidentiality is critical since it allows employees to participate without fear of being identified.

3] Empowers Fast Survey Distribution

Another characteristic to look for in a good survey management system is the ability to swiftly and easily flow into online overviews related to the topic of interest. Given that the majority of people now use a digital platform, it’s only reasonable to advise that employee surveys be completed online rather than on paper. Online surveys are also more private because most people must use their credentials to complete them.

4] Sends invites and Reminders

The survey management platform assists in providing requests and ideas to individuals for them to complete their surveys and submit them on time. Worker surveys are tough since workers are generally preoccupied with their own activities, therefore the survey is usually pushed to the bottom of the priority list. This may explain why notices and reminders are required.

5] Generates Information Used to Generate Reports

A survey management system can also create reporting data by analysing the information supplied by survey participants. This assists the business and, as a result, management in formulating confidential decisions that would otherwise be impossible to carry out. This can be a significant benefit of a survey management system, such as the ones used by businesses today.

Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies – AI

As you know, nowadays/artificial intelligence and machine learning/technologies are more demanding and growing every day in all sectors. They have been rapidly and gradually changing all the industries’ business processes. So, we come with an interesting article which describes the top trending technologies of AI. Let us move forward and understand artificial intelligence technologies.

AI Technologies in 2021

Virtual Agents: In every day of our life, we book online tickets, ordering food, Banking services, any time we need help, actually we talking to virtual agents online. The virtual agent is an AI virtual character that serves as an online customer service representative it receives the conversation from the user and responds based on user intent. Which reduces the work of human beings, and it assists customers anytime and anywhere./

Augmented Reality: It is one of the most fascinated technology in the AI world. Augmented reality is an interactive experience of the real world. Where people can feel the real environment from the computer machine itself. Which are enhanced by computer-generated images. it shows the objects that reside in real-world where AR adds digital elements to live view by using the camera on a smartphone.

Robotic Process Automation: It’s also known as/RPA/which helps incorporate processes by mimics human tasks and automate them. The tools like Blue-prism, automation anywhere, UI path work on these. RPA along with AI takes care of customer services, accounting, HR, healthcare, and more.

Natural Language Processing: NLP focuses on the interaction between human natural language and computers. By using text analytics, it identifies the sentence and user intent through machine learning. This technology is widely used in customer support services to reduce human tasks./ /

Biometrics: Biometrics deals with recognition measurements and analysis of physical features of the body’s structure form and human behavior. It works with touch, image, speech, and body language. Biometrics unlocks the phones by giving fingerprints, voice, face recognition, and many more.

Cyber defense: Trending technology of AI, it is very important to protect our systems and data from cyber-attacks. Cyber defense is a mechanism that focuses on detecting the attacks and prevent from the cyber-attacks. Machine learning along with the Nero network is capable of reading input data and suspicious user activities and detect cyber threats.

Industrial IoT (IIOT): IIOT mainly uses for industrial purposes such as manufacturing, supply chain monitor and management system./

AI Customer support and Assistance: For every company satisfying the existing customer is a prominent factor then it helps businesses to market their products and services. AI-enabled customer services products offer better response time and interaction./

Marketing Automation: Nowadays Marketing automation has become more popular. Marketing and sales adopted AI technologies and benefited a lot more. Through AI customer segmentation, customer data integration, automated drip marketing, and campaign management are widely used.
These are the top trending technologies right now. Like this lots of innovations are inline in the AI world. AI is expanding and growing every day in all sectors. If you are an organization and planning to develop an AI featured product to accomplish your business goal. why to wait? Connect with the best Artificial Intelligence service provider/.

How an Architect Can Ensure Your Building Project Runs Smoothly

Whether you’re building an extension or a whole new house, it pays to employ the correct professionals for the job. One of the first people you should talk to if you are about to build or change a building by design is an architect. Architects don’t just come up with a design they can manage some or all oft he project on your behalf. They can guide you through planning rules and building regulations, help get quotes fromcontractors and ensure your vision is turned into reality.

Choosing an Architect

So how do you choose an architect? The first thing to do is make sure that they’re registered with the Architects’Registration Board (ARB). It’s also important to select a firm that has knowledge of the local area and will be able to adviseon any special requirements.

Next look at the type of building project and find a firm that specialises in this type of work. An architect can help withpractical considerations such as ensuring there’s enough storage and light and can advise on the best materials to use. Ask to see previous projects and visit other work that they’ve done. Remember you’re looking for their ability to get the job doneon time and within budget as well as their creativity.


Once you’ve selected an architect you need to sit down together to set out the parameters of the job. It’s important to set a budget and have at least some idea of what you want to do. The job of the architect is to offer you the best way to achieve your objective so you need to be clear about what the build is for, how you’re going to use the space and so on. With the overall design ideas sorted you need to set a completion date and decide on any stage payments. Your architect can then draw up a project plan to ensure that everything stays on track, you may want to consider delegating the day-to-day decision making on the project. This will be a formal agreement that you can refer to in the event that any dispute arises. Most problems are the result of poor communication so it’s important to get it right at this stage in order to avoid issues later.

Once the build starts you need to have regular meetings to make sure that it’s all running smoothly. How often these areneeded will depend on the size and complexity of the project. You might need to meet four or five times for an extension, for example, but a complete new build may require ten or twelve meetings.

Employing an architect isn’t cheap but because it will lead to more efficient management of the work it should prove to be acost effective decision in the long run.

If you’re looking for a firm of architects in Lincoln, it pays to pick one with plenty of local knowledge and experience.